Alan Parsons Project - Eve

Alan Parsons Project - Eve

Alan Parsons Project - Eve в магазине виниловых пластинок Авант Шоп
300 руб.
Parsons, Alan Project
Sony BMG (Россия)

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Полное описание

Российское издание альбома 1979 года.


  1. Lucifer (instrumental)
  2. You Lie Down with Dogs (lead vocal: Lenny Zakatek)
  3. I'd Rather Be a Man (lead vocal: David Paton)
  4. You Won't Be There (lead vocal: Dave Townsend)
  5. Winding Me Up (lead vocal: Chris Rainbow)
  6. Damned If I Do (lead vocal: Lenny Zakatek)
  7. Don't Hold Back (lead vocal: Clare Torry)
  8. Secret Garden (instrumental)
  9. If I Could Change Your Mind (lead vocal: Lesley Duncan)

bonus tracks:

  1. Elsie's Theme from 'The Sicilian Defence' (the Project that never was)
  2. Lucifer (demo)
  3. Secret Garden (early rough mix)
  4. Damned If I Do (rough mix)
  5. Don't Hold Back (vocal rehearsal rough mix)
  6. Lucifer (early rough mix)
  7. If I Could Change Your Mind (rough mix)

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