Slugabed - Time Team (2Lp+1Bonus-Lp+Mp3)

Slugabed - Time Team (2Lp+1Bonus-Lp+Mp3)

Slugabed - Time Team (2Lp+1Bonus-Lp+Mp3) в магазине виниловых пластинок Авант Шоп
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Ninja Tune
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Slugabed released his debut album through Ninja Tune on May 7. Titled Time Team, it follows singles for Stuff (a brilliant edit of Rick James), Ramp and Planet Mu, and two EPs for Ninja Tune released over the last twelve months. From this point on, we’ll leave you to the infinitely more entertaining press release. “Hexagonal crystals have a unique directionality,” says Slugabed, “which must be aligned and oriented with Earth’s spin axis for every crystal in the inner core.” This idea led him to try a computational experiment. If all the crystals must point in the same direction, why not one big crystal? Could an iron ball 1,500 miles across be a single crystal? Unheard of until now, the idea has prompted realisation that the temperature-pressure extremes of the inner core offer ideal conditions for crystal growth. Slugabed’s high-pressure laboratories have conducted numerous experiments to test these theories. The article Time Team is a concise documentation of these experiments.” “Asked to explain Time Team, Feldwick responds that it’s to do with deep feelings about mostly inexpressible things.”



01 New Worlds
02 Sex
03 All This Time
04 Moonbeam Rider
05 Travel Sweets
06 Unicorn Suplex
07 Dragon Drums
08 Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
10 Climbing A Tree
11 Earth Claps
12 It's When The Future Falls Plop On Your Head

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