Vtgnike - Dubna

Vtgnike - Dubna

Vtgnike - Dubna в магазине виниловых пластинок Авант Шоп www.avantshop.ru
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Полное описание
The Moscow-based producer has had a handful of releases showcasing his experimental and open-ended take on dance music, including two on Russian label RAD. He's a fairly prominent local DJ at underground parties in his hometown, and he also produces (slightly) more house and techno-oriented music as Myown, which has been featured on Ethereal Sound and Left Blank, among others. Dubna, named for the "town of science" in the Moscow oblast, is easily his most high profile release yet, landing on the label that Nicolas Jaar started up last year. Mostly downtempo, it's a collection of brief, sample-heavy tracks which the press release claims carry a "cold and distinctly Russian organicism.


1 Stimulate2:51
2 Campaign Refix2:58
3 Jimmy Dub4:31
4 Panarama Bar Shit5:18
5 Hi Fashion3:05
6 Rewind Ioseliani4:28
7 Zarubezh2:30
8 Umida3:50
9 Untitled3:30
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