Mux - The Second Confession

Mux - The Second Confession в магазине виниловых пластинок Авант Шоп
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Полное описание

EDX and DAN271, armed with analogue synthesizers, noise devices, various instruments, and computers, confess to a hatred of nauseating vermin who came from the seamy side of life and spread an infection of indifference and apathy. But here come the rescuers! Here is their electro-shock therapy for the brains wallowed in ignorance, a relief from palsy consonances. Twitching and cramping cadences scrape parasites off and inoculate for future invaders. Sounds like a summary of a Japanese anime? And it could well be!

"Another great discovery from the St Petersburg scene. Using analogue synthesizers, assorted instruments and digital processing, this duo churns out sludgy, rhythmic tracks with scraping sounds and rusty textures that wouldn't sound out of place on a Mental Destruction album." - MECHANOISE LABS (France) (May 2005).

"Ambient and violent distorted symthesiser parts with spaced out loops. All instrumental and very cold, desert and savage elctronics." - RECORD HEAVEN (Sweden) (October 2005).

Внимание! данный товар может содержать нецензурную брань и оскорблять религиозные чувства. Только для лиц старше 18 лет.

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