Barbez - Insignificance

Barbez - Insignificance в магазине виниловых пластинок Авант Шоп
Important Records
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Insignificance is the result of two years of intensive work and the culmination of seven years of exploration and growth by this unusual and powerful Brooklyn-based band. After the critcal success of Barbez's self titled full length debut on Important Records, they've returned with a groundbreaking sophmore album and a new Theremin player who Bob Moog has called the single "greatest living" Theremin player on Earth. While Insignificance maintains Barbez's trademark ethno-punk-cabaret, the compositions have become more tight, more spacious, more frenetic and more explosive. Insignificance has more of a compositional complexity and careful instrumentation than Barbez's debut, promising to be a classic in this burgeoning sub genre known as Punk-Cabaret.

Insignificance was recorded, mixed and co-produced by legendary New York engineer/producer Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Dresden Dolls, John Zorn) at BC studios near the Gowanus canal in Brooklyn.

2004 was a big year for the Punk-Cabaret with groups like The Dresden Dolls, Barbez and Gogol Bordello garnering an increasing amount of deserved mainstream attention. While bands like The Dresden Dolls draw more from a well of theatrical punk, Barbez travels deep into the heart of Europe. Drawing their unusual instrumentation into a haunting, original sound, Barbez evokes everything from The Swans and PJ Harvey, to Lotte Lenya and Eastern European folk music. While Barbez is not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves covering Erik Satie and Alfred Schnittke on Insignificance, they maintain their own brilliant sound moving effortlessly between frenetic and explosive rock to hauntin Slavic tinged meloncholy.


  1. As for the Little Gray Rabbit
  2. Strange
  3. Fear of Commitment
  4. Song of the Moldau
  5. A Melancholy Picnic
  6. Insignificance
  7. The Sea Spread Wide
  8. Pain
  9. The Picnic
  10. Like Snowflakes Some Sort of Red
  11. Gnossienne 3
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