Tribal Logic - Freaky Karma

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Tribal Logic
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Полное описание

TRIBAL LOGIC began in early 2006 in Chelyabinsk, the Ural city famous not only for manufacturing “Katyusha” and “T-34” during the WWII but also for its traditions in jazz-music. Not surprisingly, the majority of previous projects in which Anton Sheludko (keyboards, wind instruments), Alexei Savitsky (guitar), Konstantin Poptsov (bass) and Alexander Strashinsky (drums, percussions) got involved were jazz orchestras and ensembles. Discovering a unique chemistry of progressive rock, psychedelia with world-beat flavor, new-edged ambience, frenetic bluesy jams, and surreal instrumental soundtracks, the four decided to play together and push the frontiers of their own musical expressions. Their all instrumental music ranges from structured suites to extended improvisations with focus on melody, atmosphere, catchiness, and experimentation. While pensive and uneasy about the mixed reaction of local audience, the band relied on friends and family to spread the word about them.

TRIBAL LOGIC’s first album stands as a high watermark for the Russian progressive rock music. Filled with stunning musicianship, Freaky Karma demonstrates both the historical roots of the local prog-scene and its future perspectives. The quartet – with substantial help from a few guest instrumentalists on violin, cello, slide guitar, and soprano saxophone – are carefully to avoid the symphonic pomposity and metallic bombasity of their better-known Russian prog-contemporaries; they plunged deeper into light and airy collective improvisations and jazz music, although this is fusion laced with hypnotic psychedelic soundscapes and spacy effects. Four long, complex and completely instrumental tracks, with several dissimilar sections, are sculpted around arcane rhythms, nimbly executed thematic passages and variations featuring accurately dozed soloing. Not necessary delving into areas previously unexplored, the album contains some fresh musical ideas that incorporate band’s humor within otherwise serious and challenging sonic structures.


  1. Detective
  2. Wooden Rain
  3. Freaky Karma
  4. Theoretical Vampirism
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