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Hackett Steve - The Charisma Years (box) (11lp)

Hackett Steve - The Charisma Years (box) (11lp) в магазине виниловых пластинок Авант Шоп www.avantshop.ru
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17 357 руб.
Steve Hackett
Год издания
Rock / Prog Rock / Art Rock

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LP1 “Voyage Of The Acolyte”
A1 Ace Of Wands 5:23
A2 Hands Of The Priestess (Part 1) 3:28
A3 A Tower Struck Down 4:50
A4 Hands Of The Priestess (Part 2) 1:31
A5 The Hermit 4:47
B1 Star Of Sirius 7:08
B2 The Lovers 1:49
B3 Shadow Of The Hierophant 11:45
LP2 “Please Don’t Touch” (New Stereo Mix By Steven Wilson)
C1 Narnia 4:11
C2 Carry On Up The Vicarage 3:21
C3 Racing In A 5:06
C4 Kim 2:14
C5 How Can I? 4:39
D1 Hoping Love Will Last 4:12
D2 Land Of A Thousand Autumns 1:49
D3 Please Don't Touch 3:39
D4 The Voice Of Necam 3:11
D5 Icarus Ascending 6:21
LP3 “Spectral Mornings” (New Stereo Mix By Steven Wilson)
E1 Every Day 6:25
E2 The Virgin And The Gypsy 4:29
E3 The Red Flowers Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere 2:10
E4 Clocks - The Angel Of Mons 4:26
E5 The Ballad Of The Decomposing Man (Featuring "The Office Party") 3:48
F1 Lost Time In Cordoba 4:12
F2 Tigermoth 7:35
F3 Spectral Mornings 6:34
LP4 “Defector”
G1 The Steppes 6:04
G2 Time To Get Out 4:12
G3 Slogans 3:58
G4 Leaving 3:04
G5 Two Vamps As Guests 1:53
H1 Jacuzzi 4:37
H2 Hammer In The Sand 3:12
H3 The Toast 3:43
H4 The Show 3:41
H5 Sentimental Institution 2:39
LP5 “Cured”
I1 Hope I Don't Wake 3:47
I2 Picture Postcard 3:54
I3 Can't Let Go 5:43
I4 The Air-Conditioned Nightmare 4:42
J1 Funny Feeling 4:04
J2 A Cradle Of Swans 2:49
J3 Overnight Sleeper 4:36
J4 Turn Back Time 4:21
LP6 “Highly Strung”
K1 Camino Royale 5:28
K2 Cell 151 6:25
K3 Always Somewhere Else 4:01
K4 Walking Through Walls 3:47
L1 Give It Away 4:06
L2 Weightless 3:30
L3 Group Therapy 5:45
L4 India Rubber Man 2:32
L5 Hackett To Pieces 2:37
LP7 “Live At The New Theatre, Oxford, 1979”
Record 1
M1 Land Of A Thousand Autumns/Please Don't Touch 8:27
M2 Tigermoth 3:37
M3 Every Day 7:26
M4 Narnia 4:43
N1 The Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere 3:26
N2 Ace Of Wands 7:31
N3 Carry On Up The Vicarage 3:18
N4 Acoustic Medley: Etude In A Minor /Blood On The Rooftops /Horizons /Kim 5:28
Record Two
O1 The Optigan/A Tower Struck Down 5:16
O2 Spectral Mornings 7:13
O3 Star Of Sirius 9:37
P1 Shadow Of The Hierophant 9:58
P2 Clocks 5:40
P3 Racing In A 9:15
LP8 “Live At The Reading Festival, 1981”
Record One - 33 1/3 RPM
Q1 The Air Conditioned Nightmare 4:45
Q2 Every Day 6:46
Q3 Ace Of Wands 6:23
R1 Funny Feeling 4:40
R2 The Steppes 6:14
R3 Over Night Sleeper 4:50
R4 Slogans 4:24
Record Two - 45 RPM
S1 A Tower Struck Down 3:37
S2 Spectral Mornings 5:34
T1 The Show 5:10
T2 Clocks 5:59
LP11 “I Know What I Like Live 1979”
“Live At The New Theatre, Oxford, 1979”
U1 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 11:21
“Live At The Theatre Royal, London, 1979”
V1 Ace Of Wands 7:16
V2 Sentimental Institution 2:37
V3 The Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere 3:12

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